The Theft of the Gods – Pacific Standard….On the trail of looters and crooks who traffic in Hopi ceremonial objects.

For all of our talk of religious freedom, and wars on particular holidays or traditions perhaps, White, Christian America, you should look at the way you have, and continue to, desecrate, denigrate and disrespect the religions and cultural treasures of your Countrymen. Your fellow citizens have a much fuller experience of both cultural appropriation, and […]

Oregon Ducks offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo looks forward to a future with the team | Sports | Eugene, Oregon

I am looking forward to this new staff, and frankly have no worries about missing Willie Taggart. Really like the Latinization of the staff. Reminds of of the Pasta days with Bellotti and Aliotti Really want to see them Run Amok, Like Rabid Ducks tomorrow!!!